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User Manuals, Guides and Specifications for your ZEISS IKON SUPER IKONTA Film Camera. It was beaten by far by the Japanese Nikon, Canon, Pentax, Olympus, among others, with focal plane shutters. As I do not consider that important, I have not thoroughly researched which novelties in Ikontas were in fact the invention and pioneering of Zeiss Ikon.

The manufacturer was Zeiss Ikon, not to be confused with Carl Zeiss who was the group’s optical manufacturer. See full list on apenasimagens. Launched in 1929, they were offered in four models: A, B, C, & D. 0MB) • Zeiss Ikon Ikonta (medium format) brochure (0. My wife&39;s uncle bought it new. They do not form a “system”, a term that is known for lines such as Leicas, Contaxes and most major monoreflex brands.

. This shot shows a little camera movement, so it’s not very useful. · The beautiful Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521 series of cameras.

The important thing is to observe how a certain combination of specifications, design and brand power have made Ikontas the best folding cameras in zeiss ikon ikonta 521 16 manual the medium format category. They were uncommon on Ikonta or Mess Ikonta models and more often found on Super ikonta Ikontas. Equipped with a Novar 105 mm f / 6.

In operation, it&39;s nearly identical, although the larger size of the Ikonta 524/16 gives it an advantage. With the brief summary out of the way, let’s do a walk around of the Zeiss zeiss Ikon Ikonta! Production period : 1938 to 1952; Format : 6 x 9 cm on 120 type. We can make that assumption also because Super Ikonta B is the only one with a range finder coupled and integrated into the viewfinder. Both were in 6x6 format and had the advantage of a film winding mechanism which allowed the film to be advanced without having to watch numbers in red windows. I accept these trials and tribulations as par for the course. The Ikonta A, B, & C, were also 520, 520/16, and the 520/2, Around 1938, the 520 series gave way to the 521 series which added a shutter release on the body and a double exposure prevention.

It&39;s a viewfinder camera; it has no rangefinder. The camera takes 6x4. Maximar - Instructions for Use; Zeiss Ikon Nettar Series. 3 and an everset-type Derval shutter (it does not need to be cocked). · The 521/2 is a member in the long Ikonta line of a folding cameras, produced by the German company Zeiss Ikon. They launched and knew how to explore the concept. 5 lens and Syncro Compur shutter with max 1/250 speed as well.

Zeiss Ikon had dozens of cameras for this segment and they were ver. Ikonta 520 - Instructions for Using; IkontaInstructions for Using; Zeiss Ikon Maximar Series. Which would be a rangefinder and. Lacking interchangeable lenses, the Ikontas and Super Ikontas zeiss ikon ikonta 521 16 manual do not have a wide range of accessories. It seems to be just a special name as it is always a camera with more basic specifications. ZEISS-IKON Camera Instruction Manuals.

· Zeiss Ikon – Ikonta 521/16. That’s when Zeiss Ikon decided to focus on the 35mm film camera market. . F/22; looks about the same as F/16, but shows slightly sharper along the extreme edges on my camera, mostly on the left side. Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 35 (type 522/24) Manufactured from 1949 to 1953, the Ikonta 35 is a folding viewfinder camera fitted, in this case, with a Schneider Xenar lens in a Compur-Rapid shutter.

The 1920s marked the final turn of roll films by taking the lead of glass plates or sheet films. An example of such a copy is the Moskva-2. Zeiss Ikon Ikonta M 524/16 Zeiss-Opton Tessar. ManualsLib has more than 16 ZEISS IKON manuals. Zeiss Ikon 521A folder. For all these reasons, it is not surprising that when Zeiss Ikon wanted to redesign its acclaimed folding camera, it chose only the 6 x 6 format.

Ikontas were fitted with a wide range of lenses and shutters and the cameras were originally priced accordingly. Only the A, B, & C models continued. The Zeiss Super Ikonta series was introduced in 1929 with 4 models. Problems opening PDF files or printing problems - click here. I have a bit of sympathy with your ebay seller as the numbering of these caneras does seem a bit chaotic.

Who made tessar lens? 5 Novar, or 105/4. The Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 523/16 B is a fun camera, and very handy for hikers or people new to medium format. It was the turn of the Hasselblad and the like. Name; Zeiss Ikon Ikonta, 523/16 B. This is an unusual example of the Ikonta A, probably made just before the outbreak of war in 1939 or 1940.

Nettar II - Instruction Book; Zeiss Ikon S Series. The Ikonta C 521/2 was now the largest of the Ikonta line. 5 cm size negatives. In addition to the leather case and a very nice set of basic filters, Zeiss Ikon offered some flash options for Flashbulbs. The camera has an uncoupled rangefinder. The Ikontas of the newly formed Zeiss Ikon were very important in this transformation with regard to medium format photography. Other shutters may include the Vario (3-speed, B), Pronto (4-speed, T&B), Prontor-S, SV, SVS (8-speed, ), Compur (8 speeds, T&B), Compur Rapid (9-speed, T&B), and Synchro-Compur 1-MX (9 speeds, B), and Synchro Compur (10-.

· I got to thinking and after looking at my cameras I decided the Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 would be a great camera to do this. It’s still good now: but it became impractical and out of fashion when I wasn’t a teen anymore. The A, B, & C size took 120 film.

A coated Tessar, 75mm f/3. The B format (6 x 6 cm) is interesting because the camera is always in a horizontal position and this, due to its ergonomics, gives more firmness and easier operation. I think I like the completely manual setup. It was also sold as the Ikonta 21/4 x 31/4. I&39;ve recently received my great grandfathers Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521/16, with at Novar-Anastigmat lens, which works well, but has a very cloudy front zeiss ikon ikonta 521 16 manual element, I&39;ve read online that I should wipe the front element with household fungicide, or hydrogen peroxide, but I&39;ve not found any resources about removing the front element at all.

Zeiss Ikon Limited Edition 35mm Rangefinder Camera Body, Silver (uses Zeiss ZM & Leica M-Mount lenses). It is impossible to go into the detail of all combinations here. Ikontas were also provided with a range of shutters, zeiss ikon ikonta 521 16 manual the simplest being a three-speed Klio on early models. Despite a patent fever, much was copied or adapted from other camera maker’s yards. · Zeiss Ikon Ikonta B (521/16) The post-War medium-format Ikontas retained most of the fundamental design characteristics of previous decades, but new materials and design ideas did take hold as the German camera industry struggled to reassert its place in the market.

Manual Focus 35mm SLR Camera: Zeiss Ikon: Contaflex 3 Contaflex 4 Contaflex III. therefore two red counter windows on the back top. The A, B, & C produced negatives in 6x4. ZEISS IKON SUPER IKONTA Manuals & User Guides.

I&39;ve often said that this is a larger sibling of Zeiss Ikon&39;s Contina II. The battery is no longer manufactured but there is room inside to install a current battery and capacitor circuit. The Ikonta D produced larger negatives on either 116 or 616 format film, respectively. The primary difference between Ikontas and Nettar models was often the lens and shutter combination. · My prewar Ikonta 521 has the same film advice as yours - Zeiss Ikon Film 6 x 9cm B2 2 1/4 x 3 1/4 in As said above this relates to the film used. See more results. This was probably not often the case as it was a very productive time for experimentation of all kinds by all manufacturers. The model used is in the comments.

Super Ikonta IV I received it recently but I have already taken a trip with it and it was a great pleasure. The 521/16 is a folding camera in the Ikonta line, produced by the German company Zeiss Ikon. It puts me in touch with the very core aspects of photography. 521A &39;s have only one window in the top center of the back.

----- Blog: de Tumblr: http:. I too have 520 Ikonta ( no RF ) but mine leaks light badly on the one ruby window. 5 B – 1/300 lens and utilizes a manual red window film advancement system for its native 6×6 exposures. It was made in Germany. Since the late nineteenth century, with the successful introduction of the Kodak Brownie, among others, the roll films had been established with a large and lively market. Zeiss Ikon Ikonta (521/16) + Lens Novar-Anastigmat 3,5/75mm For Roll Film 120. What type of lens does the Zeiss Ikon Ikonta use? Ikonta - 521/16 Ikonta - 521/2 Ikonta 1 - 521/ Medium/Large Format Camera:.

The focal length was 75mm for 6x6 format cameras and 105mm for 6x9 format. New Zeiss Ikonta 521/16 Owner - Manual Needed! The single coated (slightly magenta) three element Novar anastigmat lens and Prontor SV shutter were cheap, the better models had three element F/3. The photographer’s unit of work was the plate and each one should be exposed according to light condition and subject. According to Tubbs, the first Ikonta was a 6×9 cm launched in 1929. Only in more specific applications has sheet film persisted and persists to this day.

I love the process of shooting it, mostly from a tripod. Though, unlike yours, mine has no uncoupled rangefinder at all, making me think yours might be a Super Ikonta. I couldn’t find data on that, but it was probably the best selling size. Eventually Zeiss Ikon bought lenses from other brands.

It seemed inherent in p. The model numbers began with a 530 series and followed by the 531, 532, 533, & 534 series. The final Super Ikonta folders were the Super Ikonta III and Super Ikonta IV.

Even though Ikoflex was an excellent camera, it was never strong enough in this market that would soon decline to give way to mid-format mono-reflexes. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. In the meantime, more feature-rich, better-lenses, more convenient roll-film cameras began to emerge, and these eventually dominated photography in the following decades. TLRs (twin lens reflex) have always been the domain of Franke & Heidecke with Rolleiflex.

The Ikonta B 521/16 can be found with 75/3. Receive a high quality printed and bound manual in days. The Zeiss Ikon Ikonta 521/2 C is quite plentiful and usually inexpensive on ebay. Nicely constructed, this is a capacitor flash that increases the intensity of the spark that ignites the bulb and thus reduces the chances of failures. Zeiss Ikonta B (521/16) 75 F/4. or Ikonta 35, see Continahelphow do take a picture Bold text===Ikonta B 521/16 ===. I&39;ve got a 532/16 Super Ikonta that now unfortunately has a jammed shutter. show us photos of your camera and post the images it takes.

SUPER IKONTA film camera pdf manual download. Zeiss Ikon Ikonta - Series printed camera manual. It was a viewfinder camera. It was so cool in late-50’s chrome, the no-bellow look, the extra-wide viewer, fully manual. The problem with the first admittedly amateur cameras was that they showed a quality gulf with professionals. This is a 1950s folding medium-format camera.

Zeiss ikon ikonta 521 16 manual

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